About Debster's Doodles

A little background about the artist of Debster's Doodles .


A little about myself...

I'm an artist/illustrator and storyteller living in Northern California, and currently seeking representation. 

I studied and have a degree in Fine Arts from  Pennsylvania State University and San Jose State University. I've been in pursuit of my passion for storytelling and illustration for the last 5 years. 

My love for illustration began as a child after being drawn in by the silly and colorful characters of Dr. Seuss books. Equipped with a pastel set my mother had given me and a vivid imagination, I started doodling my own characters.

Animations like Wallace and Gromit, My Neighbor Totoro and Corpse Bride continued to influence my style, but over time I developed my own unique signature style.

I mainly draw with pastels and typically use bright, bold colors and incorporate shadows into my characters, bringing them to life.

My website is constantly changing with new doodles and new stories... so stay tuned or sign up for Debster mail!

Yours truely, 

Debster K. aka Y.K.

P.S. Here are some of my very early pastel drawings :)