Debster's Doodles Night Night Zoo

Meet the friends at Night Night Zoo, showing kids bed time rituals.


Meet the friends at Night Night Zoo!

"Night Night Zoo" was my 1st attempt at writing and illustrating a children's book. It's a book that shows zoo animals doing night time rituals (for kids). For example; Moe Monkey plays with his toy train and then puts it away. These aren't the actual words to the book, I just made them up as I posted them. 

It's a work in progress... so stay tuned.

Give a goofy and giddy "ooh ohh ahh ahh" to Moe Monkey!

A loud and friendly "nom nom nom" to Peter Panda!

A huge and silly "hip hop" to Kacie Kangroo!

And a ginormous and crazy "grrrrrrrrr" for Barry Bear!

 A warm and bubbly "groooowl" to Henry Hippo!

A strong and energetic "flip flop" to Perry Penguin!

A great and funny "bleeeet" to Gina Giraffe!

"Yawn! Uh-oh, time to say... NIGHT NIGHT!"