Debster's Doodles Scooter & Co.

Debster's Doodles, Scooter & Co. was inspired by kids with disabilities. Despite their disabilities, these characters used it to their advantage. 


Scooter & Company

A few years ago, I spent time volunteering at a non-profit that helps families with kids with disabilities. I met so many fun and loving kids with different qualities, that they inspired me to draw characters like them. These characters are very dear to my heart and hopefully (in the near future) I can expand the stories to bring more awareness to the disability community.

Meet Scooter! He was born without back legs and uses his wheels to get around. He's faster than all the other zebras, zooming and zipping about. And always ready for a challenge! 

Meet Ellie! She was born with a long trunk and big ears. Her sense of smell and hearing are really sensitive, and super helpful when she's out exploring!

Meet Fin! He was born with one short fin which made it hard for him to swim. He's not like other penguins because he doesn't like water and dreams of flying!

Meet Junior! He's a very small giraffe, actually the smallest in his herd. But don't be fooled by his short stature because he's proven to be the most courageous in dire situations! 

More adventures to come...