Quick sketches using different media...

Color pencil. If I could re-make the Power Puff Girls, they would take after the most under-rated/under-appreciated superheroes. Blossom, the mom. Bubbles, the construction worker. Buttercup, the teacher.    

Color pencils and crayons.

Mixed media, photography and color pencil. My favorite movie with a modern twist. 

Color pencils. National Coffee Day meets Frankenstein. Sketched with  color pencils. 


Color pencils. One of Netflix's greatest shows, Stranger Things.  

Color pencils. I call this piece, "Wasn't Me".

Color pencils. Potty Training time.

Color pencils. Happy Dad's Day!

Crayons. The Ice Cream Family 


Crayon. I call this, "Just Furious". 

Chloe upset.jpg

Chalk art. Dragon anyone? 

The Process

My pieces change slightly from the initial sketch and takes about 8 hours to complete.

The Process